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A solution for struggling V/I relationships.

The Visionary and Integrator must stay connected in order to get desired results.  When the relationship is not working, the business costs are huge and impact on culture and productivity are often toxic.  A bad relationship between the Visionary and Integrator can manifest as friction, stress, trust issues, turnover, and unhealthy disconnects.  In worst cases, the relationship winds up looking like a “mid-flight explosion.”

Members of Lucidly have lived this experience, each addressing underlying problems in our own way. In fact, we formed a multi-disciplinary team to take a 360-degree approach to the problem. Our team is composed of an experienced Visionary, an accomplished Integrator, and a Social Psychologist who dig deep to identify root causes of suboptimal dynamics and propose pragmatic solutions that are respectful of reality.  

We want to help Visionaries and Integrators identify and solve the root causes of suboptimal dynamics at play in their relationship.  

Giving a Presentation

Common v/i problems

While each situation is unique, our experience teaches us that many common problems V/I teams encounter can be traced back to a few common – and addressable – root causes that we can address:

fear of the unknown

What happens if we fail, or worse yet what will life be like if we succeed.

business model issues

This could range from market fit, to the revenue processes or compensation systems or anything in between.

misplaced expectations

The Visionary feels more alone than ever, experiences personal stress or has life situations that prevent abandoning themselves to the process.

integrator must be a strong counterpart

They need some tools and training to adapt their natural style to what the company and success demands.

Structures are misaligned and not agile

The Visionary needs to show up and be their best self. The Integrator has to remove structures that bind them up and create roadblocks.

Once we diagnose the underlying causes of trouble, we work closely with the Implementer to drive solutions into the relationships and the business.


Our consulting engagements have the following 4 phases:

doing work together
green papers
Fist Pound


We want to get to know you before we even start work. 

A 90-minute web meeting with the Visionary, Integrator, and Implementer plus background information in advance will help us prepare (VTO and assessments).


We thoughtfully determine how we can help.  

If we think we can, we will create a customized plan for the next 90 days and provide detail on what you can expect.


You sign our agreement, pay a 50% retainer, and we start immediately. 

Business Meeting


We will work with your scheduling constraints.

We either deliver and you pay us the rest of the retainer or we give your money back.

When a V/I relationship is healthy, EOS moves faster. Are you ready to talk?