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We are dedicated to helping you to live fully in every dimension of your life.  Our dream is to see societies alive with fulfilled people. Imagine what your community, your family and your life look like if people are living out their best life. Each person is living life fully and joyfully regardless of their circumstances.


a new era must emerge


There are many barriers in our way and new ways need to emerge. Old ineffective ways need to be flipped upside and intelligently adjusted. It takes courage and commitment to go against the traditional ways we solve problems. We try a top-down approach or fixing the symptoms but not the root of the problem. Sticking band-aid on our problems simply does not work.

We must begin to address some of the major barriers people face head-on.

We are flipping the age-old models on their head. Instead of a top-down approach, we are starting at the individual level. Rather than focusing on fixing external circumstances first, we will focus on internal circumstances. Instead of solely focusing on profit first and foremost we will put the well-being of our users first.

Stressed Woman

A bad boss relationship

A primary source of fulfillment is in the quality of the relationships we have. A major source of pain is when there is trouble at work, most of this trouble is typically attributed to a bad relationship with one’s boss.

This bad boss relationship is a primary factor in why people leave a job they may love and the company they chose to join. According to research from Gallup, 50% of employees leave their companies because of their boss. There are 10’s of millions of people who are dealing with this very issue. Many express physical and mental health issues as a result of ongoing relationship issues with their boss.


Real People Feeling Real Pain

Remove him and my job satisfaction would go up to a 3 or 4 [out of 5]. My relationship with him permeated through my existence in the organization; it brought everything down.

Brand Strategy Executive

Bad bosses took years off my life.  I'm tough as nails, not emotional […] every day when I climbed the stairs to go to work, I’d be choking down tears.

Development Director

When I think about going back, I sometimes get a pain in my stomach.  It makes me feel anxious. […] it definitely impacts me outside of work.

Public School Teacher

He was stifling.  I was on edge, you know, walking on eggshells, nervous.  […] I'm a fairly confident human being. But even when he just came around me, I was very cautious about the words I would use. I immediately felt like I lost confidence in myself.

Digital Marketer


Focusing on the Individual

According to Gallup 1 out of 10 people have the abilities to be a good manager. Employees must take responsibility and fix their own relationships and now they can.

We begin by assessing the status quo approach of only focusing on managers, rather we focus directly on the individual and the situation they find themselves in. Waiting for the companies to fix a manager has serious limitations.

We address each individuals problems by understanding the situation and circumstance of the user. Data we collect is used to isolate the root problem that needs to be addressed. Once we have identified the root issue and have enough information, we will present a remedy (a combination of strategies and tactics) designed to help the user succeed in addressing the problem. Our goal is it to bring clarity and understanding that can then be applied to a plan of action.

Inspired Businesswoman


Her experience and the effects of a bad boss relationship {lay out the daily journey and she found lucidly and what happened next}

She was told about lucidly by a friend. She went through the process and here’s what happened

  • answered questions designed to understand the problem and the situation overall

  • received insights and remedies that gave her the action plan she needed to address her problem in a way she could feel proud of

  • saw the benefits and the power of lucidly and went on to address other important relationships in her life


We relish our unique approach

Our difference exists in our relentless focus on the user and the trust they have in using the application.

No personally identifiable information is stored, so users do not have to worry about the privacy of their data. We are not an ad-based company and are not directed by anyone but the user. We want a long-term relationship with each individual and to give them the ability to own and take this application with them throughout the rest of their lives journey. Integration with our other modules and tools within the application will help them move toward deeper and deeper fulfillment and experiences.

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You can help us power strong, healthy, individuals and organizations.

By sponsoring people to use lucidly you enable them to move past the real or imagined barrier of cost and into a future where they are equipped to handle a tough relationship with their boss and beyond.

Who do you want to Impact?

We will work with you directly as a sponsor to understand the people you want to impact. If you know specific people, fantastic. If you have a few specific people but have a particular subset of the population in mind, that’s great as well. For example, some donors will want to share this with their community, their church, or a specific part of the population they care about most. You can specify that we invite people of a certain income level, age group, or other demographic. Once we clearly identify the profile or specific people, we will get to work on inviting them to use lucidly.

Our way of thanking you

As a sponsor, you will have the option of receiving acknowledgment of their contribution in multiple ways. Each person sponsored will be reminded of the sponsor. They will see something like “this subscription is sponsored by Don and Teresa Anderson. Click here to show them some love and send them a note”. The user will be able to share the impact your sponsorship has had on their life. Additionally, sponsors will have the option of allowing lucidly to publicize their sponsorship.

Your sponsorship has huge ripple effects

The effect you can have on each individual is enormous. As they move toward a better life they are able to be a better person whether in the context of being a better co-worker and employee or a better brother, daughter, mother, or father.

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You can help us power strong, healthy, individuals and organizations.

You can sponsor 100 users for $400 per month.

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