Invest in your people so you save time and money.  

Build strong leadership and business skills in your team to achieve your most important results.  


You’re 90 days away from more productivity, accountability, and happiness on your team.  

Unlike traditional top-down training and tools, we use data and technology mixed with on-demand coaches. This empowers everyone to solve problems and support your people – real time.  

Did you know?

94% employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn. 

10% of managers have the traits needed to be a good manager. This includes coaching. 

67% of Gen X leaders want coaching, millennials require even more.

Hear from Lucidly CEO, Will Anfuso

Follow this simple plan:  


Select time

To talk with an expert and immediately get access to free tools. 


Create a plan to understand objectives, define success, and quickly activate the needed services.


Unlock Lucidly resources for leaders and team members including micro-learning, goal setting, and on-demand coaching.  


Witness impact in 30 days. Measure and continue to iterate


See the needle move in your most important areas.

What does your team most need?  

Stronger productivity and focus


Stronger leadership  


Better communication  


Boost team performance​ 


More happiness at work  


Our Promise

Results come from active participation. Real growth and change are the results of investing time. We make it easy.


For 30 minutes a week, people can invest in an area that makes a difference to them individually and makes a difference in the company.  


90% of people recommend Lucidly.

“I have never had a 1:1 that was so prepared and to the point. It made it really easy for me to know how to support.”

Manager (Financial Services)

“This is a manager’s utopia.”

VP of Ops (Construction)

“This is HR gold.”

CEO (Services)

Core Investment: Coaching & Micro-Learning App & Platform 

Core Investment: Coaching & Micro-Learning App & Platform 

Increase support for your people with a scalable, personalized virtual experience to increase employee engagement and retention use micro-learning, goal setting, and on-demand coaching.  


You can add focus areas that include a services-approach with assessments and consulting.  

FOCUS AREA: Team Dynamics  

Improve communication, trust, and productivity of your team. Begin with your own self-awareness and move to team awareness. This provides freedom from any allusion you may have and provides perspective about why people behave and respond the way that they do – and how to use it for everyone’s betterment.  


FOCUS AREA: Recruiting Insights 

Objectively assess the leadership style and cultural fit of your top candidates. This is a valuable addition to the job skills and work insights you get with traditional recruiting. Our process considers both the traits of the team they are joining as well as the job they are applying for.​ 



The reporting packages allow you to see progress and validate your investment. The reporting has five components: reaction, learning, activation, engagement, and success factors. You will be able to take the data and take meaningful action.   


Virtual Coaching Platform

Success Plan


A successful plan communicates the necessary behavior changes or skill advancements needed to achieve specific objectives.

Goal Setting


The employee must define what he/she/they want to achieve and what improvements she must make to reach and exceed long-term goals.

Progress Tracking


The employee must define what he/she/they want to achieve and what improvements she must make to reach and exceed long-term goals.



Self-paced micro-learning activities called guided reflections. This activates the concepts and makes the learning objective.



Personal and professional development curriculum aligns and is designed to help strengthen the concepts taught by the various operating systems being used today. 



Group and 1:1 coaching offers many benefits for both the employee and the employer. Coaching has been known to boost employee productivity and communication skills.

Learning and Coaching Process

Weekly Email or Text

Watch or Read


Set an Action



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