Everyone Deserves to Experience the Power of Coaching

We ALL want to grow personally and professionally

There is a leader in you, even if you only lead one person. We believe we can unleash this hidden potential if we give you the right tools. These tools will help you clearly understand what is going on and give you a bright path forward to best address it. 

lucid [ loo-sid ]


  1. Easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible.

  2. Characterized by clear perception or understanding; rational or sane.

  3. Shining or bright.

  4. Clear; pellucid; transparent.


Meet those who are helping to make a difference.

William Anfuso


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Randy James

Customer Experience

Randy James Headshot.png

Chris Herndon

Director of Coaching


Morgan Anderson, Psy. D.

Group Coach


Sal Zerilli, PhD

Senior Social Psychology Advisor


Doug Magnuson

VP Strategy and Growth


Dan Deering

Director of Operations


Lucas Bennington

Lead Developer


Ken Paskins

Advisory Board Member


Dennis Holland

Advisory Board Member


David Sawyer

Advisory Board Member


Individual FAQs

What’s different about lucidly’s approach?

Bottom-up approach and focus on the individual

Most focus on the company and its objectives alone. If we take your situation and needs into account as well, we build an organization that works no matter what level or department you're in.

What will lucidly help me with?

Creating and maintaining a Development Plan. Becoming a master communicator especially when the situation is dicey.

This is our starting place, your development, and communication. As we make progress we will introduce other ways to grow.

What is a Virtual Coach?

Focused coaching delivered through an intelligent application and other virtual mediums.

What we are not:

  • Counselors

  • Therapists

  • Physicians

Can I talk with someone?


90% of the work can be done in lucidly’s Virtual Coach. When spot coaching is needed, we have that capability. When you are stuck or unsure, you will benefit from 1 to 2 hours of real-time LIVE 1:1 coaching throughout the year.


Your trust in us is our #1 priority! We promise to protect your data no matter what.

We have no interest in selling your data to a 3rd party and we believe it should be your choice to show someone your Development Plan or any other report on lucidly. That's why we give you the authority to share what you would like when you are ready.

How long can I work with lucidly?

As long as you'd like.

This is your account. Your employer may be kind enough to sponsor it for you, but it is yours for life.


Organizational FAQs

What’s different about lucidly’s approach?

What will lucidly help me with?

Do you provide customer support?

Do you offer a discount for education non-profit organizations?