Your family.Your community.
Make a HUGE difference.

Help others successfully thrive personally and navigate their most important relationships.

Give others the ability to see and focus on what’s most important, their relationships. People want to have strong healthy relationships at work and at home. The lucidly app helps our users to be responsible for and competent in the relationships they hold most dear. This can be done privately anywhere anytime.


A truly connected world.


Improve people’s ability to create and foster strong relationships and you build a better world, one person at a time.


Home-life improves, Work-life improves. Communities improve. Stronger communities affect the broader world and create a stable platform for the future.


A connected world can work together to tackle the real problems of today and tomorrow.


How your lucidly sponsorship works

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$250 per Month or $2,500 Annual

50 Subscriptions

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  • 150 sponsored subscriptions per year

$1,000 per Month or 10,000 Annual

500 Subscriptions

  • Lifetime subscription for you and 50 others

  • 500 sponsored subscriptions per year

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