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Lucidly's Engagement Pulse

Discover where your employees need the most support.

The pulse is a very different kind of employee engagement survey.  In fact, it is not a survey at all.   When employee logs into the app they complete the pulse and use it to guide what they work on in their success plan.

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3 Focus Areas: Work, Relationships, and Well-being.

We are finding that the employee answers this honestly because it is for their benefit. Traditional employee satisfaction surveys are answered based on what the employer wants to hear or the message the employee wants to send.


Work Related Pulse Items

Focus Me - I embrace my role and contributions

See Impact - I feel like what I do makes an impact

Find My fit - I’m able to be myself at work

Value Me - I am energized by my work

Equip Me - I have access to what I need to be successful

Relationship Related Pulse Items

Hear Me - I feel safe sharing my thoughts at work

Connect Me - I connect and communicate effectively with those I work closely with

Care About Me - I can count on those I work closely with

Support Me - I feel emotionally supported and affirmed

Well-being Related Pulse Items

I'm Balanced - My work-life balance is right for me

I'm Healthy - I am physically healthy

I'm Resilient - I am mentally and emotionally healthy

I'm Challenged - I am improving my skills and abilities

Sponsor Reporting

We share a summary of the pulse with the corporate sponsor while all the time protecting the confidentiality of the employee. This is what makes it work.  Employees trust the system because they own their data.   Employees naturally complete the pulse 3 or 4 times a year as they are making progress. We share aggregate results and trends with the corporation.

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