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Everyone deserves to experience the power of coaching. We deliver coaching a few ways: our on-demand application, 1:1 coaching sessions, and group calls.


Everyone deserves to experience the power of coaching

lucidly's Virtual Coach is 100% dedicated to helping you achieve and be what you want.

We help you define where you want to go, your why in getting there, and how you are going to do it. You will be supported weekly and coached through challenging conversations.


You want your work to be a meaningful part of your life.


You want your work to matter and make a positive difference in the lives of others.


You want to develop both personally and professionally.


100% Yours.

This is all about you. Your Vision. Your Progress. Your Future.

Development Plan

Always moving toward the future that excites you.

Create a vision and plan for your career that you connect with.

Make progress and see the impact.

Stress Reduction

Remove unproductive stress and anxiety from your body and mind.

Use a method that within minutes can relieve your stress.

Then take care of business.


Learn to navigate specific, critical conversations.

Productive communication is fundamental to a successful career and life.

Use your real-world situations to become a master communicator.


Your future self will thank you.

See why people are using lucidly.

"lucidly gives me a framework to use where I can work through and communicate an issue/problem without being defensive or emotional. It allows me to be objective and see the issue more clearly with a path to try and resolve it."

Chief Operating Officer


How lucidly works

Finally, an app that helps you make progress and advance

Whether you are early in your career or well on your way, learning to master communication in relationships and developing are essential.


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