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Now more than ever, the state of your people and culture will determine how well you navigate the current challenges. 


Engaged Employees. That's Just the Start.

lucidly's Virtual Coach connects people with their WORK their FUTURE and their PEOPLE.

We help leadership teams who want to reduce the massive costs of disengagement. We do this by reducing employee burnout and enabling employees to become leaders themselves, unlike traditional top-down only initiatives and tools.


10% of managers have the traits needed to be a good manager. This includes coaching. (Gallup)

Modern Work Space

An Engagement Platform for the 21st Century

True engagement starts from within. Sustained engagement happens when people direct and drive their own participation.


Development Plan

Drive performance across your company with employee-driven goals and OKRs
In 1:1 meetings with managers employees can share their plan, the progress they have made, and ask questions.



Create a “sticky” environment with strong manager and team relationships, each individual gains an incredibly valuable skill.


Reporting and Insights

Rather than sending company surveys, lucidly allows the employee to organically provide their perspective and insights into their work experience. We anonymize the data, so employees continue to feel safe and are able to be honest. The reporting gives actionable insight and shows what’s working and what’s not.


A Boost At Every Level

Our difference is in our approach to every individual. We focus on the situations you are facing right now and use those to grow.

Leadership & HR

Reduce the cost of disengagement & turnover

lucidly provides reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis.

  • Reporting & data that you can trust

  • Insights to focus your resources & top-down initiatives with increased precision

  • Performance reporting so you can review the impact on your people

Reporting as you have never seen it.

"We have always wanted insights that would propel us forward. Knowing where to focus is key."

Managers & Leaders

Save time and be more effective

Our approach frees you up and strengthens the conversations between you and your direct reports.

  • Your people approach you with their thoughts and plans regarding their development

  • We give your people the ability to identify important topics of conversation and a path to share it productively with you and other teammates

You also will be able to say

"I've never had better 1:1 meetings. People come prepared and make my job much easier."


Learning, Growing, & Developing

We support each person as an individual by enabling them to become self-managed.

  • By learning to communicate effectively you gain confidence and a path to promotion

  • Creating your own development plan will put you in the driver's seat and enables you to have a productive conversation with your manager

Imagine what it feels like

"I know where I am going and how I am going to get there. And I can navigate any situation that arises along the way."


Our Methods Work

Proven Communication Method

The communication method ("Nonviolent Communication" or "NVC") we use is active in 65+ countries.

Satya Nadella (CEO/Microsoft) confronted Microsoft’s legendarily combative culture by urging his new reports to read and apply the method.


“I have never had a 1:1 that was so prepared and to the point. It made it really easy for me to know how to support.”

Manager (Financial Services)

“This is a manager’s utopia.”

VP of Ops (Construction)

“This is HR gold.”

CEO (Services)

Standing Meeting

How We Work with YOU

We make it easy on you. Our approach is designed to build deliberately over time, not launch with a big bang only to fizzle out.

1. Explore Your Current Situation

We understand the companies objectives, HRIS systems, and unique challenges

2. Agree on The Plan

lucidly and your company define success, what we will measure, and the adoption plan

3. Leaders First

Our team will work directly with every individual leader and equip them to know what they need to do

4. lucidly Drives Adoption

We do not want to add more to your plate, we undertake a long-term campaign designed to nurture each employee to perform at their best

5. Impact

We begin to measure your ROS (Return on Sponsorship) and give you the insights you need to focus your initiatives with precision


lucidly's Engagement Platform Plans

Pick the plan that works for you


Small Teams

  • lucidly's Virtual Coach

  • Communication

  • Development Plan

  • LIVE 1:1 Coaching Packages Available


Small and Mid-Size Organization

  • Basic PLUS

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Integrations with Top HRIS

  • Ongoing Service

  • Onboarding


Larger Organizations

  • Standard PLUS

  • Custom Integrations

  • Success Manager

  • Company Culture Integration