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unlock your human resources

Software designed to equip employees to take ownership of their most important business relationships

Lucidly’s premise is that businesses should have employees that are equipped to have strong relationships with their boss and beyond. That’s not the way it works today.

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Turnover and disengagement are getting worse

43% of millennials envision leaving their jobs within 2 years, and 28% are looking to stay beyond 5 years (Deloitte)

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Employees join companies; they leave their boss

There are 81 Million professional employees impacted in the U.S.

Most suffer from unproductive work relationships and want actionable insights


SMB Has the greatest pain

With the months it takes for a replacement to be productive the costs add up quickly.

15 Million

• Professionals* working at companies who employ 100 to 2,500 people.


• Learning and development spend per employee per year
• The bulk is focused on managers, not team members.


• National rate of employee disengagement.
• Gartner identifies workplace relationships (between leaders and employees, in particular) as the root cause

High Churn

• Lack of engagement is the main cause of employee turnover.
• Many companies experience 10% or more or their workforce leaving each year.


Relationship Intelligence Platform


My Boss
My Employees
My Peers




Go to Market Strategy

The buyers that are most ready are small and mid-sized businesses in Professional Services, Technology, or Financial Services industries.


Go to Market Strategy

The buyers that are most ready are small and mid-sized businesses in Professional Services, Technology, or Financial Services industries.

Channel Partners

• Like EOS, CEO groups like EO, and HR Outsourcers are a good source of long-term revenue.

• This segment can significantly shorten the sales cycle because they are trusted advisors.

• We expect 25% of our revenue here.

B2B C-Suite

• This is our target buyer and the people that experience the pain.

• We use a combination of outbound and inbound sales models supported by social media.

• This is our most complex sale and most profitable customer.

• 65% of our revenue.

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How it works

The employee self-describes their situation and their relationship with her/his boss


Rooted in Behavioral science

Very specific science-based remedies for each unique situation

Driven by machine learning

Timely and actionable results


Achieve Your Goals

Individual Coaching

Provides further explanation, hand-holding, and accountability


Forging a sticky connection to and through the platform


The main alternative many companies use is training for the manager or supervisor.

While this can be somewhat effective it generic and does not engage the employee. 

Lucidly helps employees with specific work situations they describe

Working Together
Getting Coffee

Business Model

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Monthly Subscriptions

• No Risk for 30 days
• 3-tier pricing model based on company size and adoption rate
• Accept credit cards and offer larger organizations payment terms on annual agreements


• Channel Partners
• Books and Publications
• Social Media Buzz

Network Effect

• Sign up departments or divisions and expand into the organization
• Follow employees to their new employer

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Help us power strong, healthy, businesses and individuals