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Increasing Engagement in the Face of the Coronavirus.

Initially, some thought the Coronavirus would come and go. As you probably know by now, experts are suggesting that it could be a situation in which businesses will have to contend with for some time. One of the recommended steps is to have your workforce work remotely, which is a massive shift for most companies.

You may be considering or doing the following:

  • Contingency and redundancy plans

  • Transitioning to a remote workplace

Engagement and communication will suffer because of change, fear, and stress.

We have the capability to reduce these employee effects by ensuring:

  • Reporting relationships have a method of communicating their concerns productively

  • Employees stay connected to their work and their future at the company

  • Shared expectations and priorities are shared

We want to be part of the solution during this time.  Because of this, we are prepared to offer a significant discount while the situation persists. lucidly can help you not just survive but be positioned to thrive on the other end of this.

We want to ensure a good communication loop with employees when stress is high, and the stakes are huge.

  • We will coach leaders, managers, and employees on how to conduct critical conversations both internally and externally, particularly when the stakes are high.

  • We begin Virtual Coaching through our application, group calls, and real-time 1:1 spot coaching sessions.

  • Through our Development Plan we will help each employee stay connected to their work, future at the company, and those they work with.

  • We have very low on-boarding constraints, we can quickly establish a connection with employees.

  • We always own and drive employee adoption, so you can stay focused on your priorities.

  • lucidly is different and won’t be perceived as "another app the company is making me use". It is seen as a resource they can choose to use and that the company is sponsoring it because it cares.

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