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One of the top speakers in the US teaches you how to energize teams

Updated: Jun 10, 2020


02:06: Where would you have us start? Which tool out of the tool belt would you suggest, given the times, that we talk about first? 06:29: What you are asking of me as a leader is to show up with energy so others can take from me, even though I have my own issues to deal with, is that right? 07:40: What can leaders do to get more and show up with more energy? 19:52: What are some examples of tactics that leaders are using to create and show up with more energy? 22:47: What are the pitfalls leaders should avoid when trying to implement these key tools? 26:39: What does really listening look like and where does it go wrong? 33:41: How do leaders get better or make progress in implementing TSP? 40:59: How do you personally respond to someone who has negative things to say? 49:08: What is a thumbnail sketch of “you on your best day”? 53:04: How do leaders replenish energy so they can deal with needing to be on all the time? 57:02: What does it mean to not give away the ability of someone else to impact your day? 1:03:50: What should a company expect when working with you during this time? 1:07:50: What are the symptoms that tell someone that they need Michael’s assistance? 1:14:31: Who is your ideal client?

About Michael Allosso

MICHAEL ALLOSSO is a master communications expert who coaches CEO’s, teams and individuals in day to day communications, dynamic presentations as well as leadership excellence. He has led award winning workshops for leaders and sales teams all over the world and is a much sought-after personal coach. His client base ranges from insurance producers to construction managers, doctors to bankers, actors to politicians. As a professional theater and film director, Michael’s keen sense of observation enables him to immediately provide his clients with practical tools to fortify their strengths and refine their weaknesses.

Michael has traveled the world bringing his “You On Your Best Day©” program to a wide variety of organizations and businesses. He is a speaker and entertainer who brings life to any event!

Since he started in 2004, Michael has been a top-rated speaker for Vistage International (the world’s largest CEO enrichment organization). During that time, he won an unprecedented four “Speaker of the Year” Awards, two “Members’ Choice” Awards, the “Above and Beyond” Award, the “Millennium” Award, and “Speaker of the Year” Award for TEC Canada. Most recently, Michael was honored with the Vistage “Lifetime Achievement” Award.

Michael began his career as an 8th grade drama teacher. He has been the Artistic Director and Manager of numerous theaters in the Boston area and has created and managed his own improvisational comedy troupe. In addition to serving as a faculty member at numerous colleges, he has been chief administrator of the Boston University Theatre Institute and National Dance Institute/N.E. under Jacques D’Amboise. Michaels range of directing credits stretches from feature films to opera companies to pop videos. His production of Dealer's Choice at Gloucester Stage won the Elliot Norton Award, Boston‘s version of the Tony. At Gloucester he also directed Joey McIntyre in the world premiere of Israel Horovitz' Barking Sharks and has directed and choreographed countless productions in the professional theater. He has acted with Steve Martin in the film Pink Panther 2, on stage with John C. Reilly at the Huntington Theater in Marty and as Felix in The Odd Couple opposite Sherman Hemsley as Oscar. 

Michael earned his M.F.A. in Directing from Boston University and a B.A. in Theater Arts from Brandeis University and is a proud member of SSDC, SAG and AEA. 

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