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Top EOS Implementer Shares How You Can Transform Your Culture


0:00 What are you hearing and what are you telling your clients today? 6:40 Where did 7 questions and 7 promises come from? 9:48 Does 7 questions and 7 promises work across industries? 11:25 7 questions and 7 promises focuses on the employee perspective 12:14 What are the 7 components of the questions? 13:55 Balanced, accountable, and measured explained 17:00 Shared effort in the 7 areas between employer and employee 20:12 Does 7 questions and 7 promises work with all operating systems? 22:36 Implementing process throughout the organization and making it part of the culture 25:28 Organizations find success and get lazy with the process 27:21 How 7 questions and 7 promises benefits organization 29:12 What if new to 7 questions and 7 promises? 30:23 Death of the Org Chart process introduction 37:02 How do you apply these concepts in COVID-19 world? 39:47 How to start process and move into the organizational graph work 41:30 How organizational graph tool came about 46:13 Organizational graph process introduction 1:00:48 How 7 questions work together and are centered around EOS Healthy 1:03:26 7 questions works within the EOS framework

About Walt

During the last decade, Walt Brown has helped transform the culture of more than 160 organizations across the country through his work helping companies install effective Organizational Operating Systems, systems that attain and maintain yes to the seven questions. It’s his greatest pleasure to help owners and companies sharpen or even resurrect their original dream culture, to get back the company they always dreamed of having, to create that place they always wanted to work. He loves pedaling along with his clients as they think, plan, execute, then take time to observe, adjust, and reflect as they master the skills necessary to permanently enjoy the fruits of an awesome OOS installation. An OOS installation that leads to them becoming a Certified Patient Organization.

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