Recruiting Insights

We supplement recruiting efforts with behavioral science to ensure a proper fit with Culture & Leadership styles - facilitating the 'science of recruiting'.


Delivering Clarity


Decode Job

Create Your Ideal Profile

lucidly identifies the essential leadership, cultural, and behavioral attributes that are identified in the job description.


Assess Top Candidates

Add Behavioral Science Into Your Process

We determine the unique strengths and challenges that each candidate will bring to the job.

We do this by looking at problem solving style, communication patterns, team interaction, cultural fit, and personal motivators.


Key Interview Questions

Take the Guesswork Out

lucidly's questions reveal how the candidate will interact with their boss, their peers, and their team.

This helps identify what kind of stress the job may create and how satisfied the candidate will be doing the job.



Ensure Fit

A perfect fit is very rare, we look to see how the candidate will adapt their natural style to what is needed.


Validate Candidate and Team Fit

lucidly uses a combination of analytical tools to ensure candidates fit with the profile and the existing team. We help you reveal and answer to critical questions.

Each recruiting insights package comes with a job profile, individual behavioral analysis, and team reporting. 

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Job Profile & Fit

For Every Candidate

  • What is the profile of the role?

  • Are they a cultural fit?

  • What adaptations would be required?


Team Profile & Fit

For Each Individual & Team

  • What does this say about me?

  • How do I fit on the team?

  • What are my blind spots?

  • How can I adapt?

  • What is the real culture?

  • What team gaps exist?

  • What are the chronic issues on the team?

  • How can we adapt to the differences on the team?