Team Dynamics Insights

We support team leaders with behavioral science to ensure cohesion through understanding Culture & Leadership styles - facilitating the 'science of teams'.

New changes on the team?

Company is in the middle of big changes?

A pivot or a business model change? 

Old Ways Aren't Working?

People not working well together?Infighting? Underperforming?

Need a break-through?  (e.g. stuck, incremental change is not enough)

Want to take Your Team from Good to GREAT?

lucidly's Team Dynamics Insights should be a priority right now


Teams That Work

lucidly uses a combination of analytical tools to ensure team cohesion. We help you reveal and answer to critical questions.

Each Team Dynamics package comes with individual behavioral analysis, team analysis, and a team workshop. 


Individual & Team Analysis

Answer and solve critical questions

  • What does this say about me?

  • How do I fit on the team?

  • What are my blind spots?

  • How can I adapt?

  • What is the real culture?

  • What team gaps exist?

  • What are the chronic issues on the team?

  • How can we adapt to the differences on the team?

Steps To A Better Team


Individual Analysis and Coaching

We start by assessing each individual's problem solving style, communication patterns, team interaction, cultural fit, and personal motivators.

We are able to incorporate existing company assessments or you can use ours.

Business Meeting

Team Lead Insights & Coaching

lucidly meets one-on-one with the team leader to help them both understand their team and how they can best show up in a more impactful way.


Team Awareness & Activation

lucidly walks the group through the Team Dynamics Analysis to provide insights and a common language. This helps each team member understand how they show up and how others likely perceive them.

Our workshop is used to activate learnings through live exercises and discussion.